4×4 Camp – Hitting & Bunting


Four 90 minute sessions for $150

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90 minute camp. Hitting is hard. We will try and simplify the process. We teach a swing that starts with the legs, builds up through the core and ends with the arms.

Building a good swing starts with a strong foundation, just like building a good house. Large muscles must lead the smaller muscles, to have a quick, short, compact, powerful swing. We work to teach game results, not just to look pretty off a tee. We will also cover the mental part of hitting. We will also work on pitch recognition out of the pitcher’s hand so we can teach proper muscle memory. We believe there’s no one way to get it done. Every body is different and everybody has different abilities. We try to teach the best swing for your child that will work best for them on the field now, and for years to come. We don’t believe in building robots. We try and take the best parts of many different hitting styles and combine them to teach our hitters how to get the most out of their talent. That’s the great thing about baseball, you don’t need to be a great athlete to be a great hitter. We will also discuss and practice approach, situational hitting, and work to teach the boys which pitches are best for them to try and hit when they are up in the count.


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