4×4 Camp – Fielding & Base Running


Four 90 minute sessions for $150

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90 minute camp. Fielding is the most under worked part of baseball when kids are young. Everybody wants to hit more than work on fielding, either because it’s more fun when their young, or because fielding is hard to learn.

Kids need to learn how to field at a young age, how to use that glove on their hand as soon as possible because when they start to get better, that’s when fielding becomes fun. Now that steroids are out of baseball and home runs are down, High School, colleges, even the major leagues are looking for players who are well rounded: Pitching and defense is what is ruling the Major Leagues today.
We will be teaching proper mechanics of fielding, teaching soft hands, teaching the boys how to use that glove better, turn double plays and the proper footwork that goes along with all of the above.

You don’t need to be super fast to be a great base runner. The older your children get, the harder stealing bases becomes. As a coach, I see that small ball is starting to come back into the game.

A good base runner helps the batter who is up, whether he is fast or not just by having the confidence to take a proper lead, so the pitcher must pay attention to him. Also, aggressive base running causes the infielders out of position, creating more holes for the batter to hit through. Good base runners are confident because they have been taught the right way. The younger they learn this skill, the easier it will be in the long run.


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