Bullpen Baseball Summer Camp

At our Bullpen Baseball Summer Camp, we will concentrate on both the physical and mental skills for players to achieve their goals in the game of baseball/softball.  Players will be coached by a staff lead by professional instructors, as well as current college and H.S. players who will be mentored by the professional coaches.

From past experience, we have learned that the younger players not only need the watchful eyes of professional coaches, working with them and making sure they are working on proper technique, but when we bring in current college and H.S. players closer to their age, you can see the thrill for the players to be working with the young men they want to be like.  The older players serve to be role models.  The campers really relate to them and for our professional staff, they serve as an invaluable tool for motivating and inspiring the young players.  For many of the campers, they’re already doing what they want to become in the future.

Our goal with these camps is to spend the morning hours working hard on all aspects of the game.  We will cover all areas of the game in a group setting, as well as rotating players through individual time to work 1-1 with instructors, working on each player’s specific area of need or position, ex: hitting, catching, pitching, infield, or outfield play that they want to excel at most.  If someone plays until they are 40, they will be working on their swing until they are 40.  That’s just the nature of being a good hitter.

We will also do some classroom work with the players.  This generation of player needs to learn the mental part of the game more than ever!! They don’t watch enough games on their own.  Past generations had less options the players of today has.  Between hundreds of T.V. stations, video games, computers, most good young players don’t watch enough games.  In baseball/softball, the more we know, the easier the game gets.  Past generations had 5 T.V. stations, lame video games, no computers or cell phones that we had no choice but to get outside and play.  We played so much ball, we had no choice but to learn how to play.

After lunch is when this camps baseball/softball comes in to play.  We will not only have the chance to play baseball games, but we will spend the last 90 minutes of the day playing sports, from volleyball, basketball, soccer, touch football, kickball, wiffle ball, and so on.  After three hours of intense baseball workouts, we want the last 90 minutes for the kids to have fun playing what they want.  Other camps may concentrate on pounding 5 or 6 hours of baseball/softball down the kids’ throats, but in our opinion, this is too much.

Many experts believe many injuries that occur in baseball/softball is due to the young players only concentrating on one part of the game, for example, a 12 or 13 year old boy already turning into a pitcher only and all the physical activity and working out is specifically to pitch at a young age.  Some experts believe that’s why pitchers are getting hurt so much at frighteningly young ages.  Also, playing more than one sport helps the campers become better athletes and that can only help us to get better at baseball/softball.


The times for this camp will be:

9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Lunch break will be:

12:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Game time will be:

12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Camps will be boys/girls 5-14 years old

1 week camp $250 – SIGN UP NOW

2 week camp $450 – SIGN UP NOW

Additional week $175 – SIGN UP NOW

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All Bullpen team members, 15% off

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Camp will take place indoors, as well as outdoors at the field behind Bullpen!!

Camps are filling up fast!!

Limited Space available.  Please reserve your spot today!!!

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