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DSC_2296Bullpen Baseball 4×4 Camp
This camp will be four 90 minute sessions for $150

Baseball Camps: Hitting | Catcher’s | Fielding & Base Running | Pitching

Three age groups 6-8, 9-12, 13-18

We are limiting this camp to four kids per group.
Catcher’s will be all catching for 90 minutes.
Hitting will be four 90 minute sessions.
Fielding & Base Running will be four 90 minute sessions.
Pitching will be four 90 minute sessions.

Hours and dates for the 4×4 for the summer 4×4 camps are below.

Please note: We need at least 3 kids in each group to start the 4×4.  You can alter times, dates, camps to fit

your needs.  We can work around your schedule as well, but we still need at least 3 kids to start the camp.


3:30-5:00: Hitting

5:00-6:30: Hitting

6:30-8:00: Hitting

We are concentrating on small groups to keep the work intense.

Hitting | Catcher’s | Fielding & Base Running | Pitching


Fielding & Base Running REGISTER NOW

Fielding is the most under worked part of baseball when kids are young. Everybody wants to hit more than work on fielding, either because it’s more fun when their young, or because fielding is hard to hearn. Kids need to learn how to field at a young age, how to use that glove on their hand as soon as possible because when they start to get better, that’s when fielding becomes fun. Now that steroids are out of baseball and home runs are down, High School, colleges, even the major leagues are looking for players who are well rounded: Pitching and defense is what is ruling the Major Leagues today.

We will be teaching proper mechanics of fielding, teaching soft hands, teaching the boys how to use that glove better, turn double plays and the proper footwork that goes along with all of the above.

You don’t need to be super fast to be a great base runner. The older your children get, the harder stealing bases becomes. As a coach, I see that small ball is starting to come back into the game. A good base runner helps the batter who is up, whether he is fast or not just by having the confidence to take a proper lead, so the pitcher must pay attention to him. Also, aggressive base running causes the infielders out of position, creating more holes for the batter to hit through. Good base runners are confident because they have been taught the right way. The younger they learn this skill, the easier it will be in the long run.

Catcher’s Quad REGISTER NOW

90 minutes of intense catching work. We will cover the following techniques: Throwing, blocking, footwork, trying to find the best athletic stance for the individual boy. We will also cover bunt plays, catcher’s responsibility on how and when they need to take charge and run the team, pitch selection, for older boys, how to learn what pitches may work just from batter’s position. Calling pitches and framing. Cather’s need to be the smartest player on the field. We will cover mental aspects good catchers apply to help their pitchers get through the game. This camp will be taught by Coach Mike, former professional catcher of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Seattle Mariners.

Hitting/Bunting REGISTER NOW

90 minute camp. Hitting is hard. We will try and simplify the process. We teach a swing that starts with the legs, builds up through the core and ends with the arms. Building a good swing starts with a strong foundation, just like building a good house. Large muscles must lead the smaller muscles, to have a quick, short, compact, powerful swing. We work to teach game results, not just to look pretty off a tee. We will also cover the mental part of hitting. We will also work on pitch recognition out of the pitcher’s hand so we can teach proper muscle memory. We believe there’s no one way to get it done. Every body is different and everybody has different abilities. We try to teach the best swing for your child that will work best for them on the field now, and for years to come. We don’t believe in building robots. We try and take the best parts of many different hitting styles and combine them to teach our hitters how to get the most out of their talent. That’s the great thing about baseball, you don’t need to be a great athlete to be a great hitter. We will also discuss and practice approach, situational hitting, and work to teach the boys which pitches are best for them to try and hit when they are up in the count.

Pitching Register Now

You will learn more at this camp than you have learned in your entire pitching career. You will also discover that you have the ability to throw faster. It will be a challenging experience and will be the springboard of a extremely successful pitching career! Reserve your spot now for the Pitching Camp Held at Bullpen Baseball and Sports Academy.

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